Eric Lilliebridge Is Squatting Back In the Thousands, Hits 461kg Easily

We’re about six and half weeks out from the ProRaw Big Dogs 3 powerlifting meet, which is taking place in Melbourne, Australia on October 14th, and Eric Lilliebridge is progressing on his normal pre-meet warpath. It’s tough to call any one of Lilliebridge’s training videos impressive especially lately, as every video seems to be more impressive than the last.

In fact, we wrote about Lilliebridge not too long ago when he took this 451kg/994 lb squat for a ride and did so with ease. Every year, the Big Dogs powerlifting meet features some of the world’s top powerlifters and like every year, Lilliebridge is aiming to knock down more 140kg/308 lb all-time world records.

His latest training video shared on his Instagram page highlights a monstrous squat single and bench press. Why are these lifts significant? Besides obviously being a ton of weight, Lilliebridge is back in the 1,000 lb+ squats for his training, which are always remarkable to watch. In his Instagram video’s description he writes,

“Some training over the last couple weeks 461kg/1,016lbs squat & 240kg/529lbs bench. De loaded on Deadlifts. Body weight 140kg/308lbs. 6 1/2 weeks out.”

With six and a half weeks to go, weight is flying for Lilliebridge and we’re curious to see where he ends up for his final heavy singles before deloading. In the comments section on the video above, one of his followers asked about what his final training singles would be and he responded with, “I’ll just have to go by feel at this point and listen to my body but my meet prep will be over in a few weeks then full on de loading until the meet.”

We reference it in most articles we write about him, but Eric Lilliebridge currently holds both of the 140kg/308 lb all-time world records in total (sleeves & knee wraps). At the ProRaw Big Dogs 3, Lillliebridge will be aiming to break his current total world record(with knee wraps), which he’s held since 2016.

Feature image from @ericlilliebridge Instagram page.