Powerlifter Andrey Malanichev Discusses Insane Diet on Russian Talk Show

Russian powerlifter Andrey Malanichev recently appeared on Soviet Sports’ live talk show, which is a Russian sport news outlet that cover a variety of sports. If you don’t know Malanichev, he’s the current WRPF squat (with & without wraps) all-time world record holder for the super heavyweight class. Back in October 2016, Malanichev crushed the previous world record with a 1,069 lb raw squat in wraps.

Malanichev has built quite the name for himself in both powerlifting and his personal career. On the talk show, one of the topics he briefly covered was his diet. The 30-second clip below is pretty short, but we promise you the amount of food he lists in 30-seconds is nothing close of short.

The saying, “It’s not easy being big,” becomes increasingly more true when you’re at the top of your game in your strength sport. And this saying is even more relevant for the athletes who have to eat that much to simply maintain their elite status per their weight class.

Back in July, we interviewed Canadian super heavyweight powerlifter Kelly Branton and asked him about his diet. He listed the insane amount of food he eats on a regular basis, and explained how tough it is for him to maintain his weight and muscular stature. Also, let’s not forget the video from May that follows professional strongman Brian Shaw throughout his 12,000 calorie day.

In Malanichev’s diet explanation, he doesn’t give the clearest portion sizes (describing a chunk of meat he eats with his hands), or any form of daily dietary goals. So obviously, we can’t know for sure how much he eats on a daily basis, but we can take a rough guesstimate from what he mentioned.

Check out a few of our estimated and speculated Malanichev meals below, minus the two-meat based meals.

Estimated Caloric Totals

  • Russian Sour Cherry Dumplings (1 cup): 514 calories, 8g fat, 92g carbs, 17g protein
  • Omelette With Ham (5-eggs + cup of ham): 600 calories, 32g fat, 10g carbs, 59g protein
  • Jar of Nutella 13 oz: 2,000 calories, 120g fat, 230g carbs, 20g protein
  • Loaf of Bread (Wonder White Bread 16-slices): 1,520 calories, 16g fat, 288g carbs, 48g protein
  • Half Gallon of Milk (Whole): 1,200 calories, 64g fat, 96g carbs, 64g protein

Remember, we left out two meals, which included the chunk of meat, and the meat with dumplings. Malanichev’s caloric total from our estimated five meals above is around 5,834, and that’s WITHOUT the two large meat-based meals.

It would be interesting to accurately track and calculate Malanichev’s regular diet to see how much he’s actually consuming on a daily basis. With a 1,000lb+ squat and an elite super heavyweight status, we’re guessing it’s well over 8,000 daily calories, but then again, that’s all speculation.

Feature image from JumpDiffusion YouTube channel.