Andrey Malanichev Squats 1,069 Pounds for a New World Record (in Wraps)

Russian powerlifter Andrey Malanichev is arguably one of the greatest athletes his sport has ever seen. Malanichev generally competes raw with wraps and in federations that utilize a monolift rack, so while his accomplishments are difficult to compare directly to those of IPF lifters like Ray Williams, it’s easy to see Malanichev is clearly one of the world’s strongest men. (Yes, different federations = different rules, including when it comes to drug testing, equipment, and standards.)

Heading into the BigDogs Pro this past weekend in Australia, Malanichev held the WRPF World Record raw squat with 1,058 pounds and the total world record with 2,502 pounds. And while other top names struggled a bit at the Big Dogs meet, Malanichev was in fine form, building on his own massive numbers to increase both his records and take home first place.

First, he hit a massive 485kg/1,069 pound squat to establish a new best mark. Video embedded below.

Another angle of the record lift is embedded below.

The big Russian followed that up with a relatively conservative 255kg/562 pound bench press and then pulled 400kg/880 pounds in the deadlift to set a new World Record total at 1140kg/2,513 pounds.

Malanichev made eight lifts on the day, missing only his first bench press attempt at 240kg.

Malanichev absolutely demolished the competition and ended over 90 kilograms ahead of his next closest competitor. American Shawn Doyle — relatively unknown to many due to his lack of social media presence and reserved demeanor — finished in second place with a 1047.5kg total.

Chad Wesley Smith finished in third place with a 1,030kg total.