Dylan Crawford Deadlifts a Monstrous 725 lbs At 19 Years Old

This up and coming athlete just smoked a 700+ lb deadlift!

The old saying, “What are they feeding these kids?,” rings absolutely true for powerlifter Dylan Crawford, a.k.a @bigdaddydeadlift per his Instagram handle. Granted, at 19 years old, Crawford isn’t really a kid, but the point still stands for how strong he is at his age.

Yesterday, Crawford shared a monstrous deadlift on his Instagram page lifting out of Odyssey Barbell Club in Methuen, Massachusetts, that features a snappy 725 lb pull and it’s making the rounds in powerlifting social media circles. Besides how fast the weight moved, the caption from Crawford is what really says it all, “725 for no other reason than because I could and I felt like it”.

Yeah, a casual 700+ lb deadlift for no other reason because Crawford could, does it get any better than that? Check out the monstrous lift below. And shout to the @kingofthelifts Instagram page who shared Crawford’s lift yesterday, which is where we found it!

In the competitive powerlifting scene, Crawford is beginning to build his name as an up and coming -93kg lifter to keep an eye on. This past year at USAPL Raw Nationals, he came in third place in the -93kg Teen Raw 3 division.

At 2019 USAPL Raw Nationals Crawford put together a 692.5kg total which consisted of:

  • 257.5kg / 567 lb squat
  • 152.5kg / 336 lb bench press
  • 282.5kg / 663 lb deadlift

Since Raw Nationals, Crawford has added weight on the bar for all of his lifts and has hit some big milestones. For example, in early January, he passed the 4-plate, 405 lb bench press milestone — check out that lift below. 

To date, Crawford’s biggest deadlift in competition was his 622 lb pull from this past year’s Raw Nationals. With his latest 725 lb deadlift highlighting a ton of promise for his strength progress, we’re excited to see what Crawford’s able to accomplish this year on the platform!

Feature image from @bigdaddydseadlift Instagram page. 

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

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