16 Year Old Mahailya Reeves Bench Presses a Jaw Dropping 375 lbs

This tops her current all-time world record!

Over the weekend, weight lifting phenom Mahailya Reeves made another splash across social media, and added another impressive accolade to her lifting resume. 

At the 2020 Girls Weightlifting State Championships that took place at Arnold High School in Panama City Beach, Florida, Reeves broke her state bench press record yet again. Lifting in the girl’s Class 1A unlimited weight class, Reeves put together an impressive 600 lb total consisting of a 375 lb bench press and 225 lb clean & jerk. 

Her 375 lb bench press also tops her current 198+lb all-time world record, which previously stood at 369.2 lbs for the teenage 16-17 age group. And to add to the impressiveness of her latest performance, her 369.2 lb all-time world record was set fairly recently at 2019 USAPL Raw Nationals which took place in October. At Nationals, she took first place in her age group, and third in the Open, and mind you, this was all at 15 years old. 

Now, less than six months later, Reeves has pushed her all-time world record even further. We’re witnessing a legend in the making. Check out the video below highlight Reeves’ insane life that was originally shared on Courtney Mims’ Twitter page, who is the Sports Director at WMBB News 13. 

As mentioned above, Reeves’ most recent competition was 2019 USAPL Raw Nationals. Here she absolutely dominated the competition for her age group and came in third for the Open age group finishing only 17.5 lbs shy of Bonica Brown’s first place total. 

At Raw Nationals, she concluded her performance with her biggest total to date of 1,350 lbs which consisted of the following:

  • 540 lb squat
  • 369 lb bench press
  • 440 lb deadlift

We don’t know about you, but every time Reeves takes the platform we’re sitting on edge of our seat. Very rarely do we get to witness legend in the making, and at a young age of 16, Reeves has already created quite the name for herself!

Feature image from from Courtney Mims Twitter page.