Erin Banks Wins 2022 Men’s Physique Olympia

Banks dethroned three-time Mr. Physique Olympia Brandon Hendrickson.

The biggest lineup in Olympia history was the 2022 Men’s Physique Olympia lineup. Sixty-eight men posed for judges and fans in Las Vegas, NV for the world championship of their division. Three-time winner Brandon Hendrickson came in ready to win his fourth title, but challengers Erin Banks, Diego Montenegro, and Charjo Grant, who was 12th one year ago, were all set to upset the champ.

The battle moved from the Venetian in Las Vegas to Planet Hollywood, two miles away. Ten finalists moved on to this portion of the contest, and they got put through the paces again in the confirmation round. In a stellar upset, incumbent Mr. Physique Olympia Hendrickson placed second to the new winner, Erin Banks.

2022 Men’s Physique Olympia Results

Here are the top five results from the Men’s Physique division at the 2022 Mr. Olympia, as well as their winnings: 

  1. Erin Banks — $50,000
  2. Brandon Hendrickson — $20,000
  3. Diogo Montenegro — $10,000
  4. Charjo Grant — $7,000
  5. Edvan Palmeira — $4,000

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Banks won the Arnold Classic in March 2022, and now has the Olympia trophy on his mantle as well. He is now qualified to compete in the Men’s Physique Olympia for life. Banks dedicated the win to his aunt, who passed away earlier this year.

About Erin Banks

According to NPC News, Banks started competing in the National Physique Committee in 2019. After earning his pro card, he attacked 2021 full-on, competing in five shows. The Fresno, CA native never placed lower than third and ended up winning the 2021 New York Pro — a prestigious bodybuilding competition, the winners of which, Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay and Nick Walker being two of them, historically go on to be competitive at a high level. Banks went on to place second at the 2021 Olympia

In 2022, Banks solidified his spot as a top contender by winning the Arnold Classic Men’s Physique competition; the Arnold Classic is widely regarded as the second-most prestigious competition behind the Olympia

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Men’s Physique Final Callouts

Only two callouts were needed for the judges to make their decisions. Hendrickson went in as the champion when the night began, but Banks left with the Sandow. Here are the athletes that were included in the two callouts:

Callout 1

  • Andrew Ferguson
  • Ryan Terry
  • Corey Morris
  • Ali Bilal

Callout 2

  • Kyron Holden
  • Charjo Grant
  • Erin Banks
  • Brandon Hendrickson
  • Diogo Montenegro
  • Edvan Palmeira

The 2022 Olympia Schedule

Below is the schedule for the rest of the 2022 Olympia weekend. The divisions below are listed in the same order as they appear on the official schedule.

Saturday, Dec. 17, 2022

7:00 p.m. — Finals

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