“Generation Iron 2” Is In Production and Rich Piana States Release Will Be In May

Update 1/25/17: Rich Piana shared an Instagram post on Wednesday, January 25th, stating he will be at the Generation Iron 2 release in May. Below is a quote taken from his Instagram photo in regards to the film.

“It’s Coming!! Our goal is to after all these years break into mainstream! I believe the release of this movie could help tremendously in bringing all the mainstream people into our world! I will be there opening night in May of 2017!! Hopefully everyone else will be there also!!” Piana’s post states.

As of right now, this is the best source for a “confirmed” May release date. Hopefully production continues to go as planned and we see the film actually release in May. 

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Yesterday, Rich Piana shared a clip on Instagram previewing “Generation Iron 2”, the successor /sequel of the original “Generation Iron.” In 2011, “Generation Iron” followed Phil Heath, Kai Greene, and Branch Warren on their path to the Mr. Olympia stage. Unfortunately, the clip Piana posted didn’t give us any insight on which athletes will be featured in this upcoming documentary.

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The producer of  “Generation Iron” – Jerome Gary – also produced the 1977 bodybuilding documentary “Pumping Iron.” There’s still no word if Gary will play a role in producing “Generation Iron 2.” and a release date has yet to be announced.

“Pumping Iron” was a documentary shot in 1975 that followed the battle between Arnold Schwartzenegger and Lou Farrigno as they competed for the Mr. Olympia title. The documentary was the first of its kind to gain mass media traction for the bodybuilding community. Along with highlighting two professional bodybuilders, the film also helped bridge the gap between gym rats and public perception of them. 

Another strength sports documentary to keep a look out for next year is Chris Bell’s new documentary, “Stronger.” In June 2016, the first “Stronger” trailer was released highlighting strongman athlete Brian Shaw. The upcoming documentary will feature Shaw and possibly other strength athletes as they train and prepare for competition. The preview for “Stronger” shows Shaw, a4-Time World’s Strongest Man, deadlifting 955 lbs plus 115 lbs of band tension…for a double. While we’re still waiting on an official launch date, you can check out the film’s Instagram page for updates.

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In addition to “Stronger,” Chris Bell was also the creator of 2008’s critically-acclaimed documentary “Bigger Stronger Faster*”. This 2008 documentary followed Chris’s two brothers Mark and Mike. Mark Bell is the founder of the Slingshot and is an award winning powerlifter; Mike Bell was a noted professional wreslter who passed away from a heart attack in 2008. “Bigger Stronger Faster*” explores the use of performance enhanceming drugs and their roles in sports. 

If you haven’t seen “Pumping Iron”, “Generation Iron”, or “Bigger Stronger Faster*” we highly recommend doing so; all three fascinating and in-depth looks at different corners of the strength world. Hopefully, the two upcoming films highlighted above will help various strength sports gain even more exposure in the mainstream.

Featured image: @1dayumay on Instagram