A Pro Fighter Critiques Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson’s Boxing Form

An undefeated boxer offers combat advice to the two strongmen.

In a little less than a year, former professional strongmen Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson will box each other. (At least, that’s the plan.) What at first may have felt like a gimmick is now shaping up to be a legitimate fight. The two have been consistently updating their YouTube channels with videos of their boxing training — and they’re taking their preparation very seriously. Here is Hall’s most recent update, from his YouTube channel, which follows his lengthy recovery schedule.

As he’s getting his first physiotherapy session done, Hall outlines his current week’s worth of training. Hall estimates that he spends 20 hours per week training and seven hours on physiotherapy. His training includes:

  • Four, two-hour-long strength and conditioning sessions.
  • Four, one-hour boxing sessions. (Though, he says this may increase to six sessions closer to the fight.)
  • One, one-hour HIIT session
  • One hour of swimming
  • Near-daily morning runs. 

Bjornsson is putting in the work, too. He’s logged sparring sessions with professional boxers, worked the mitts with MMA legend Bas Rutten, and has been slowly leaning out to increase his stamina and conditioning leading up to the fight.


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A Professional Opinion

Of course, the sweet science is considered a trade that takes years to learn by combat purists. By all measures, Thor and Hall are still quite green. Interested in getting a professional opinion, BarBend sent two clips of Bjornsson and Hall sparring to Demetrius Andrade, a World Boxing Organization Middleweight champion with an undefeated record of 29-0 (18 wins by knockout). Andrade reviewed the footage and then shared his expert opinion. Here are his thoughts.

What Hall and Thor Are Doing Right: “It seems like they are training hard,” Andrade tells BarBend. “I’m sure somewhere along the way, they’ve had some training, and maybe even a few dust-ups.”

What They’re Doing Wrong: “They are essentially amateurs, so it’s hard to say they are doing this wrong or that wrong,” Andrade, who fights for Matchroom Boxing, says. “In boxing, you are forever learning. They need to stick to the basics right now. Work behind that jab to set up the big shots. Jab, jab, jab.”


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How Hall Should Handle Thor’s Height: “Anytime you are fighting a bigger, longer guy, you want to get on the inside,” Andrade explains. (Hall is six inches shorter than Thor.) “Use head movement; don’t just walk in. You see these big gigantic guys and their bodies, take advantage of that. The head can move; the body can’t. Get on the inside and go to work.”

Their Winning Strategy: They should try to get as much stamina as possible, and work on the jab and throwing some basic combinations,” Andrade says of both men. “That adrenaline is going to be going, and you know they want the knockout with that one big shot — but that’s how you get winded. I think the guy who has the most in the tank will just wear the other guy down.”

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