Heather Connor Deadlifts a Huge 185kg/407 lbs to Round Out Big Total

Her latest total is only a few kg shy of the current IPF World Record!

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that -47kg elite powerlifter Heather Connor’s lifting never disappoints. Over the last few days, Connor has been sharing top singles from her latest training block and her last session features a monstrous deadlift that gives her a world record seeking total.

In her latest training video, she smokes a 185kg/407 lb deadlift, which gave her a 400kg training total. This total was comprised of a 77.5kg bench press and 137.5kg squat all performed at a bodyweight of 45kg/101 lbs.

For context, this is a significant total because it tops Connor’s current American record by 2.5kg and is only 7.5kg shy of the current IPF world record that is held by powerlifting legend Chen Wei-Ling. She writes in her post’s description, “This was a very emotional milestone for me in my lifting journey. This just proves I have a lot more fight in me.”

Despite looking more than ready to compete, we’re going to have to wait and see when, and if Connor can break the current IPF world record at her next international competition which is a meet that is TBD.

Originally, the IPF Classic Powerlifting Championships were set to be held this summer, but were pushed back a few months to October due to Coronavirus. We say TBD because yesterday Team USA announced that they would not be sending a team to this year’s Classic Powerlifting Championships (in addition to other international meets).

This is tough news for all of Team USA’s athletes that have been now prepping for quite some time to only learn they won’t be heading to Belarus in October.

Connor shared her thoughts on this in her following Instagram post writing, “Well. As most have probably heard by now: Team USA will NOT be competing this year at IPF Worlds. While this stings for me and my teammates I understand why the decision was made and I am thankful that our health and well being is top priority. (cont.)” 

Feature image from @heather.e.connor Instagram page.