Jason Khalipa Does All 5 CrossFit Open Workouts in Under 80 Minutes

Few men have had the honor of being named the Fittest Man on Earth™, but Jason Khalipa is one of them. The 2008 CrossFit® Games champion has competed at the Games eight times and only once placed outside the top 10, and he has won every regional competition he’s participated in. Khalipa seems to adhere to the definition of “fitness” as a readiness for  appears to like the concept of fitness as an ability to handle whatever life throws at you, as he’s also accomplished at Brazilian jiu jitsu — we wrote about him when, naturally, he won his first competition.

This year he was a little busy for the CrossFit Open, so he decided to save some time and just do every workout at once. Or more accurately, one after the other, with just five minutes separating each workout. The Morning Chalk-Up reported on it, and sadly there’s no video to speak of. But we did manage to ask Khalipa a couple of questions.

BarBend: What inspired you to take on this challenge?

One of our coaches wanted to do it, and I couldn’t let him do it alone. I also missed a few Open workouts because I was traveling overseas, and I wanted to make sure I got them in.

How did you prepare?

Didn’t really prepare much. Showed up at 6am, started at 6:20 sharp (classes started at 8am) and had a great time.

Was recovery difficult?

My body felt pretty good, actually. Looking back on it, I could have ramped up the intensity a bit more, I may have paced more than I should have on three or four of them.

Would you recommend an experience like this?

I’d recommend, if anyone wants to try it, to scale it well. It’s a fun Saturday workout with a crew, don’t get too wrapped up, just have fun and put on some good music.

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“I could have ramped up the intensity a bit more.” Sounds like doing the entire CrossFit Open in eighty minutes wasn’t quite tough enough.

Featured image via @jasonkhalipa on Instagram.