Jerry Pritchett Wins the 2017 America’s Strongest Man

Jerry Pritchett has taken first place in America’s Strongest Man, a two-day event that took place in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona this past weekend. He finished with 32 points, three points ahead of second place finisher and 2014 and 2015’s champion, Dimitar Savinov. Wesley Claborn came third with 26.5 points.

Pritchett was in first place by the end of day one and took home event wins in the 1,100-pound yoke walk and 800-pound tire deadlift. There’s not a ton of footage available, but Pritchett’s Instagram has a couple of great videos. Check him out carrying 1,110 pounds (503.5 kilograms) for 60 feet in 12.52 seconds during the yoke event.

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Savinov also posted some footage of an overhead press medley from day one, an event that he won by lifting a 250-pound dumbbell and a 400-pound log, though he missed the 400-pound axle clean.

This was Pritchett’s first time entering the America’s Strongest Man competition. In an Instagram post he thanked his friends, family, and sponsors for their help and shared a clip of his 800-pound axle deadlift.

I Won America’s Strongest Man this weekend, this has been a long time goal that I can finally scratch off the list!! (…)

Here is the 4th event 800lb axle deadlift for reps, winning this event pretty much sealed the contest for me.

Congratulations to my team mate and friend @dimitarsavatinovstrong on 2nd, it’s always great to compete along side Dimitar and he pushed me hard to the end! Also congratulations to my training partner Brian Clark on his top 5 finish, expect big things from him!

[Earlier this year, Pritchett was the subject of a documentary about his road to a record-breaking 1,031-pound deadlift. Check it out here!]

It’s remarkable that Pritchett won first place the first time he competed in the event, though the same thing happened last year when Brian Shaw won his first America’s Strongest Man.

Congratulations to Jerry Pritchett and all the strongmen who competed this weekend.

Featured image via @jerrypritchettstrongman on Instagram.