MasterClass Launches First-Ever Health and Wellness Course, Taught by Trainer Joe Holder

The Nike Master trainer and "Ocho System" founder will pioneer MasterClass into the fitness genre.

MasterClass, the popular online educational platform which launched in 2015 and schools people on everything from comedy to rocket science, is now striving to make people healthier. On Feb. 5, 2021, Joe Holder — a Nike master trainer, founder of the fitness philosophy Ocho System™, and GQ magazine wellness columnist —  announced that he will teach the first-ever health and wellness course on The class is currently available. 

The release of this program comes at a time when at-home training is as prevalent as ever. Gyms all over the U.S are closing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and more people are choosing to workout at home. Check out the announcement below via the video on Holder’s Instagram page that features his MasterClass introduction spliced with him performing squats, core work, jumping jacks, and yoga.


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Joe Holder’s MasterClass

Per MasterClass, the University of Pennsylvania grad’s class will guide students through the Ocho System™, which is crafted around the idea that each individual should focus on their personal wellness to help others. “It’s an approach to health and wellness that includes using positive thinking, food as fuel, and effective workouts to promote a healthy life,” the website reads. Holder’s method takes a holistic approach to training and nutrition for a “healthier mindset” and “to build the foundation for a lifetime of good health.”

Are class participants going to need a barbell or a treadmill to make the class worth it? That is not clear, but in the course trailer Holder — who is 30 years old — is using both barbells and dumbbells. There doesn’t seem to be any note on whether or not the workouts in the class are designed with only bodyweight training in mind. 

Class Breakdown

Here are the titles of each of the 12 chapters in Holder’s MasterClass:

  1. Meet Your Instructor
  2. The Ocho System™: Origins and Overview
  3. Biomotor Skills: The Foundation of Physical Health
  4. Mobility Workout
  5. Listen To Your Body: Data Is King
  6. Working Out Smarter AND Harder
  7. HIIT Workout
  8. The Ocho System™ Food 101: Eat Real, Eat Right
  9. Take Advantage of “Food Hacks”
  10. Strength Workout
  11. The Importance of Proper Recovery
  12. Catalysts For Success

Holder’s philosophy for fitness is “working on [him]self and then seeing how [he] can impact other people.” That philosophy will now be spread through his teachings on MasterClass. 

Putting physical health first and then seeing how that applies to other areas of personal wellness to produce best results.

According to Holder via MasterClass, his decision to team up with MasterClass came partly because it aligned with his greater overarching goal.

“I want everyone to have access to the core fitness and wells principles that I have used to help countless individuals on their journey towards better health…I am lucky…to provide the tactics I’ve refined over the years in a condensed, usable, and accessible format.”


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The annual membership cost of MasterClass is $180 and offers access to all 100-plus classes on the platform, including Holder’s, and new classes as they are released. Each student of Holder’s will also have access to a downloadable class resource that includes a four-week workout plan and his favorite juice recipes.

Feature image via Joe Holder’s Instagram page: @ochosystem