John Cena Squats Al Roker for a Three Rep PR

John Cena was recently on the Today Show talking fitness and workouts you can do at home. He was leading three trainees through various workouts and showing them how to perform bodyweight movements.

The whole video in itself is pure John Cena. He cracks multiple jokes and breaks down every exercise in only a way Cena can. He even explains ways to perform his fitness moves for the utmost beginner. Then…the Al Roker squat happens in pure Cena fashion. While it’s not a 304lb Cena snatch, the squat PR is still impressive.

Cena hits a Roker PR for 3-reps while laughing saying, “I’m not trying to sell you any product, I’m just trying to get you a better body.” My questions are, where do you get Al Rokers at? I would like a better body. If I’m new to Roker squatting will I need a weightlifting belt? On a side note, His Roker squat appears to be a high-bar variation, as opposed to the low-bar Roker squat.

Besides the actual Roker squat, there are two things I love about this video. First, it’s how Today titles it, “John Cena Demonstrates Quick Fitness Moves (And Hoists Al Roker).” Being a strength athlete I find that they used the word “hoist” so funny. When I think of the word “Hoist”, I imagine Thor throwing Kegs 30-feet in the air.

My second favorite part is the look on Roker’s face before he gets squatted. At this point Roker has to accept defeat and let the squatting ensue. Because let’s face it…you’re not getting away…you can’t see John Cena.

Screenshot: Today’s YouTube Channel. 

It’s videos like this that make you appreciate strength training and being a strength athlete (mainly because you don’t use the word hoist for squats). On a serious note, it’s nice to see Cena spreading fitness knowledge to the masses. He has a reach that most don’t have, which helps spread exercise advice and tips.

Cena is a man of many talents. Whether it’s acting, wrestling, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, or Roker squatting, it seems like he can do it all.

Feature image screenshot from Today’s YouTube Channel.