Powerlifter John Haack Crushes a 375kg/826 lb Deadlift PR

No Arnold Sports Festival, no problem for John Haack.

Despite the Arnold Sports Festival being cancelled for spectators, then re-opened for spectators, only to be cancelled again, elite powerlifter John Haack is still moving big weight.

Yesterday, Haack shared a monstrous 375kg/826 lb deadlift PR on his Instagram page. He writes in his Instagram post’s description, 

“Well with the Arnold cancelled, decided to hit my last heavy deadlift today. PR at 375kgs/826lbs moving slower than I would like. On that @strength_cartel dead game.”

How Top Athletes Reponded

Whenever Haack moves big weight, the comments that follow are always fun to go through. They always contain a healthy amount of jest and seriousness. 

  • Sean Noriega, USAPL’s #2 -83kg powerlifter writes, “PR moving slower than I would like.” 😒😒😒 who do you think you are”
  • Trevor Jaffe, elite strength coach says, “Conventional is cheating or something. Fu*king strong pull though.”
  • Mayonaise On Your Hands, an Instagram account advocating more for mayonaise on the hands states, “That is quite impressive! But I bet you can’t lift that with a generous amount of mayonnaise on your hands.”
  • Tom Cruise, elite powerlifter writes, “Woah nelly!”

This lift is a bigger deal that what Haack’s body language shows in the video. Hot off breaking the all-time world record total in the 90kg/198 lb weight class this past January, he is currently in prep to smash more all-time world records at his next meet.

Haack will next be competing at the ProRawXII meet, which is taking place at the Arnold Sports Festival Australia on March 20th-22nd. After the recent cancellation of the Columbus based Arnold Sports Festival it will be interesting to see if this expo runs according to plan. 

As of right now, things are looking good though! Two days ago, the Arnold Sports Festival Australia Instagram account wrote that they’ll be proceeding full steam ahead:


So we’re remaining optimistic that we’ll get to see some of the world’s top athletes take the platform in a few weeks.

Feature image from bilbo_swaggins181 Instagram page.