Powerlifter John Haack Pulls 804lbs for a New Deadlift PR

Haack's 804 lb deadlift is 21 pounds over his competition best.

John Haack, a.k.a. Bilbo Swaggins, a.k.a. Captain America, has a lofty goal set for himself at his next powerlifting meet. Last month, he said he wants to total 2,000 pounds at The Tribute powerlifting meet taking place in San Antonio, Texas on August 3rd and 4th.

To build his case for tackling this huge total milestone, Haack has been sharing some massive lifts on his Instagram page. Yesterday, he shared a huge 804 lb/365kg deadlift, some 4.4 times his bodyweight, which was a personal record and more than 21 pounds over his best competition deadlift of 782.6 pounds, which he pulled in April at the Razor’s Barbell Mayhem. (But more on that below.)

In his Instagram video’s description he writes, “365kgs/804lbs moving smooth for a PR to cap off heavy deadlift training.”


In addition to his latest deadlift PR, two days ago Haack showed off some paused bench presses and squats. His paused bench press with 523 lb/237.5kg was a new PR and his 672 lb/305kg squat looked incredibly smooth.

If you combine all three of Haack’s recent lifts — his 804 lb deadlift, 523 lb bench press, and 672 lb squat — then you get 1,999 lb, which is only a pound shy of the 2k grail.


So now the question remains, can Haack take down the 2k total? Smashing the 181 lb all-time world record total is nothing new for him.

In April, he set a new all-time world record total in the 181 weight class at the Razor’s Barbell Mayhem powerlifting meet, hitting a 677-pound (307.5 kg) squat, 501-pound (227.5 kg) bench press, and 782-pound (355 kg) deadlift for a monstrous 1962 pounds (890 kgs) total.

If we rewind to December 2018, he also set the all-time world record at the Hybrid Showdown with a 1,929 lb total.

We can’t tell the future, but as Haack heads into his taper and after watching his latest lifts, we’re pretty confident that the 2k total is well within his reach.

Featured image from @bilbo_swaggins181 Instagram page.