Powerlifter John Haack Comes Back After Injury to Total All-Time World Record

Over the weekend in Miami, Florida, Hybrid Performance Method hosted the first ever Hybrid Showdown, which was a USPA hosted powerlifting meet. This meet was absolutely stacked with elite powerlifters and multiple all-time world records were broken. One world record that fell and made waves across the strength community was the 82.5kg/181 lb all-time total world record (without wraps).

So who did the world record fall to? None other than one of the top 181 lb powerlifters, John Haack, aka self-proclaimed “Captain America”.

Over the last year, Haack has been rehabbing an injury that he sustained under a heavy squat, so it’s great to see that he’s putting together big numbers once again. Haack ended up going 8/9 on the day and put together a very well-rounded performance to earn his new 875kg/1929lb all-time world record total.

In Haack’s Instagram video’s description recapping his meet below he writes,

“After about 18 months of frustration was finally able to put together a good meet. Went 8/9 with third attempts at 302.5kgs/666lbs squat, 225kgs/496lbs bench and 347.5kgs/766lbs deadlift. Broke the all time world record in the 181 weight class with an 875kg/1929lb total. Ready to set my sights on that 2k total at 181.”

Continued, “Gotta thank @rodgersreset for getting me healthy. @micah_marino for handling me today. @maddyforberg for the videos and @mbslingshot for the lifting gear. Also thanks to @hybridperformancemethod for running an awesome meet.”

Haack is no stranger to putting up big numbers as clearly evident by this 895kgs/1973lb training total he hit back in January prepping for the Kern US Open. This training total is only slightly higher than what Haack was able to hit this past weekend, and remember, Haack is still building back after his injury.

It’s going to be exciting to watch him chase a 2k total as he continues on with his training into 2019.

Feature image from @bilbo_swaggins181 Instagram page.