John Haack (181 lb) Totals 2,000 Pounds for a New All-Time World Record

John Haack just beat his previous all-time world record total by 38.6 pounds.

Last month, powerlifter John Haack, a.k.a. Captain America, said he wanted to total 2,000 pounds at The Tribute powerlifting meet in San Antonio, Texas, which took place on August 3rd and 4th. And, well, Haack has done just that.

At the Tribute Meet, Haack competed in the -181lb weight class, and even after a tough start to the day still managed to pull off a 2,000 lbs total. Haack’s performance set the new -181lb all-time world record total. 

His best lifts of the day looked like this:

  • Squat: 688.9 lbs/ 312.5kg
  • Bench press: 512 lbs/ 232.5kg
  • Deadlift: 799 lbs/ 362.5kg

Haack missed his first two squat attempts due to depth, but managed to pull through with a 312.5kg/688.9 lb third attempt, which was more than enough to get the ball rolling towards his elusive 2k total goal.

He posted on his Instagram,

The day started off rocky, with missing my first two squat attempts due to depth, but still managed to hit my goal of a 2k total at 181. Best lifts on the day with a 312.5kgs/688lbs squat, 232.5kgs/512lbs bench and a 362.5kgs/799lbs deadlift. Ready to relax a bit now with a break till ProRaw in March.

In April, Haack set what was then the all-time world record total in the -181lb weight class when he squatted 307.5kg, bench pressed 227.5kg, and pulled 355kg for a strong 890kg total.

For the past year or so Haack has been beating his own all-time world record total at every meet. Prior to the Razor’s Barbell Mayhem, Haack also set a then all-time world record total of 1,929 lbs at the Hybrid Showdown. He’s been close to that 2k mark for awhile now, so we’re excited that he finally reached it.

He hinted at what’s next in his Instagram post, the ProRaw meet in March, so who knows what kind of massive total he’ll be after by then.

Featured image from bilbo_swaggins181 Instagram page.