Powerlifter Jesse Norris Deadlifts 225kg (495 lbs) for 15 Speedy Reps

Honestly, what do you consider cardio when it comes to doing deadlifts? Most will jokingly say anything over 3-5 is cardio, but what about 15 consecutive reps? Can we just scratch the whole “cardio” comment on a 15-rep deadlift and label it as a marathon? Powerlifter Jessie Norris recently shared a crazy high-rep set of deadlifts that got us winded.

In his video below posted three days ago, Norris shares a strong 225kg (495 lb) deadlift set that features a total of 15 reps, but there’s a catch. Instead of touch-n-going every single one like many would suspect, Norris switches up the tempo every five reps because why not.

For the set below, Norris hits five touch-n-go, five stop, and five touch reps. Yes, the reps will have a slight variance in their demand on the body as the velocity of each is changing, although, a mid-set change up of tempo is impressive when you consider the shift in mindset between each rep style.

If you’re already a Norris fan, then you’re probably not all that surprised by this big rep high weight set. After all, Norris has held and still holds multiple all-time world records in the 198 lb and 220 lb weight classes, so moving weight is nothing new for him.

[One of the most epic powerlifting battles of the last three years: Jessie Norris Vs. Dave Ricks at 2016 USAPL Raw Nationals!]

And on the topic of high-rep sets, the deadlift isn’t the only lift Norris moves big weight at for high reps. Check out this squat video from five days ago where Norris casually squats 183kg (405 lbs) for 15, 225kg (495 lbs) for a solid 12, then 225kg (495 lb) for an easy eight paused reps.

As of right now, there’s no word on when Norris will take the platform again, but judging from his high-rep focused sets, we’re guessing he’ll be ready no matter when he chooses. Now the question remains: Will Norris take down any of his current world records in the foreseeable future?

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Feature image from @jessenorr Instagram page.