John Haack Crushes 1962 Pounds For New All-Time World Record Total

John Haack has his eyes set on hitting a 2k total in August.

John Haack is no stranger to reaching huge powerlifting feats, and now you can add an updated All-Time World Record Total to his resume.

On Sunday, the American powerlifter weighed in at 181.8 pounds (82.5 kgs) and went nine-for-nine successfully completing a 677 pound (307.5 kg) squat, 501 pound (227.5 kgs) bench press, and 782 pounds (355 kgs) deadlift. All of these lifts earned Haack a 1962 pounds (890 kgs) total for a new all-time world record in the 181 lb weight class.

In December 2018, Haack set the previous all-time world record in the 181 pounds (82.5 kgs) weight-class with a combined 1929 pound total. At this meet, Haack squatted 666.9 pounds, bench presses 496 pounds, and deadlifted 771.6 pounds. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he was also just 25-years-old when he reached that huge powerlifting milestone.

“Feeling ready to finally hit that 2k at the Tribute in August,” Haack said on his Instagram Sunday, referring and looking ahead to The Tribute powerlifting meet taking place in San Antonio, Texas on August 3rd-4th.

Last December, when Haack beat out Maliek Derstine for the world record, he was fresh off rehabbing an injury he suffered under a heavy squat. After going eight-for-nine that day, he wrote on Instagram how he was now ready to push for a 2k total.

“After about 18 months of frustration was finally able to put together a good meet. Went 8/9 with third attempts at 302.5kgs/666lbs squat, 225kgs/496lbs bench and 347.5kgs/766lbs deadlift. Broke the all time world record in the 181 weight class with an 875kg/1929lb total. Ready to set my sights on that 2k total at 181.” 

Now, a year later, Haack, or “Captain America” as he goes by on Instagram, is healthy and even more prepared to reach that 2k goal. His training appears to be as dialed in as ever and is only 38 pounds away from reaching his 2k goal. In four months, the pressure will be on Haack to reach that huge milestone, but something tells us he’s positioned himself in a good spot to claim that feat.

Feature image from @bilbo_swaggins181 Instagram page.