Powerlifter John Haack Crushes 90kg All-Time World Record Total

Add another all-time world record to John Haack's impressive resume.

Over the weekend, John Haack, a.k.a self proclaimed Captain America, reminded the powerlifting world once again just how strong he is. 

On Sunday, Haack took the platform at the Metroflex Powermania 2020 meet in the 90kg/198 lb weight class. Over the course of his career, Haack has formally competed in 17 powerlifting meets (per openpowerlifting.org), and this was his first ever meet competing in the 90kg/198 lb weight class.

Traditionally, Haack has been an absolutely dominant force in the 181 lb weight class, as proven by his prior 16 meets and two recent all-time world records that he set back in August at The Tribute meet. However, it’s looking like Haack is now becoming a force to be reckoned with in the 198 lb weight class after he took down Jesse Norris’s five year old total world record of 2,033 lbs. 

John Haack’s Performance

On the day, Haack weighed in at 89.7kgs/197.7lbs and ended up going 8/9 and only missed his opener on the squat. He finished with the following lifts.

  • Squat: 327.5kgs/722lbs
  • Bench Press: 237.5kgs/523lbs
  • Deadlift: 367.5kgs/810lbs
  • Total: 932.5kgs/2055lbs ATWR

What may be more legendary than the performance itself was how Haack didn’t even call attention to breaking the all-time world record total in his Instagram post’s description. 

How Top Athletes Responded

With a new all-time world record total under his belt, multiple top athletes and fitness-centric personalities shared their thoughts and comments on Haack’s latest performance. 

  • Jesse Norris, previous all-time world record holder wrote, “Its about time”
  • Cailer Woolam, multi all-time world record holder said, “I like how you forgot to mention that this was an ATWR total”
  • Tom Boyden, YouTube personality joked, “got damn you thicc and strong”
  • Alex Uslar, competitive powerlifter said, “Just breaking the ATWR by 10kg. No biggie”

What’s Next for Haack?

As mentioned on his Instagram, Haack’s next meet is going to be the ProRawXII which is going down at the Australian Sports Festival. Will he take down more world records? The powerlifting world is excited to wait and see. 

John Haack FAQs

Who is John Haack?

John Haack is a competitive and multi all-time world record holding powerlifter. Haack has competed in 17 powerlifting meets throughout his career and competes in the 181 lb and 198 lb weight classes.

How many world records down John Haack have?

John Haack currently holds three all-time world record powerlifting totals. He holds the 181 lb raw deadlift and total worlds records, along with the 198 lb total world record.

Feature image from @bilbo_swaggins181 Instagram page.