Josh Bridges Will Not Quit (Ft. Rich Froning & Dave Castro)

This content is brought to you in special partnership with Kill Cliff. Kill Cliff provided this American Spirit series video for BarBend to post on our video platforms.

Josh Bridges is more than an athlete. He’s a warrior, someone who relentlessly tackles every challenge put before him. In partnership with Kill Cliff, we’re proud to bring you an in-depth look at Navy SEAL and CrossFit Games legend Josh Bridges.

Hard work isn’t just a mindset for Bridges; it’s been his way of life since childhood. It’s what motivated him to join the military, and it’s what got him through the rigorous training necessary to become a Navy SEAL.

And it’s at the core of what drives Josh to compete in CrossFit, from his first-ever Games appearance and podium finish to today. He’s a fan favorite and competitor who isn’t afraid to leave it all out on the floor, and that emotion has produced some of the most dramatic Games event finishes in the sport’s history.

As Dave Castro says in the documentary, if there were a CrossFit Games Hall of Fame, Josh would be in it — zero doubt about that.

In this episode of Kill Cliff’s American Spirit series, Bridges gives an intimate look inside his training and life history. The documentary also gets up close and personal with CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro, who was one of Bridges’ instructors during his SEAL training.

It also features 8-time CrossFit Games Champion Rich Froning, one of Bridge’s closest friends and rivals on the competition floor. 

Featured image courtesy of Kill Cliff