Jon “Jujimufu” Call to Compete In the Arnold Classic Amateur Bodybuilding Show

He's trading his powerlifting singlet for posing trunks.

Jon Call, aka Jujimufu, rocked the powerlifting platform this past February. Now, the self-described “anabolic acrobat” is shifting gears and trading his singlet for posing trunks. Call confirmed on September 14th that he’s competing in the 2021 Arnold Classic Amateur, which occurs on March 6th in Columbus, Ohio. What isn’t clear is which division Call plans to enter.

Call hinted at competing in a bodybuilding show back in July. He posted a video of himself hitting a series of poses, with the caption: “Physique check-in, 229 pounds and dieting down. Lowered calories gradually from a maintenance amount of 4,500 per day to 3,500 per day over the past 5 weeks. Weighing all my foods and adding in bonus bodybuilding workouts or cardio in the evenings too. I’m excited to keep going!”

Though he’s always had an impressive physique, Call began sporting a level of conditioning that was freaky — even by his standards. Since that picture, he’s continued to post videos and photos of himself posing with updates on his weight. Three weeks ago, Call uploaded a video on YouTube of him practicing his posing with Kai Greene. His intentions became even more transparent.

In the video, Kai walked Juji through the eight mandatory bodybuilding poses and then praised Call for his physique. When Call suggested that his back was his best body part, Greene was quick to correct him.

“No, your back is not your strongest point. Overall development is your strongest point. You are complete from the floor [up],” Greene told Call. “When people are responding to you, they’re responding to the years of invested effort that you’ve put into developing the different parts of your body.” You can check out the full video below:

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At a bodyweight close to 220 pounds, Call already looks show-ready. From the time of his Instagram announcement, he’s still giving himself 24 weeks to tighten up his physique. To help him prepare, Call will be relying on two industry names: Antoine Vaillant, an IFBB Pro and winner of the 2020 California Pro, and Dorian Hamilton, who is the CEO of HD Muscle and a competitive bodybuilder. Fans of Jujimufu’s channel can also expect to see plenty of new additions to his already impressive home gym, according to the caption in his announcement post.

Considering that Call is already at or under 220 pounds, one could assume that he’ll compete in the 212 or even the classic physique division(s). At this time, Call isn’t even sure. He told BarBend that he doesn’t know which division he plans on entering, but that he’s considering the open division. Regardless of which division he competes in, it’s safe to say that Call will bring an unbelievable package to the stage.

Featured image from @jujimufu on Instagram