Jon Call “Jujimufu” Hits a Big Squat PR In Prep for His Powerlifting Meet

The weight is moving in lead up to Jujimufu's powerlifting meet!

Jon Call, aka Jujimufu, has been cruising along with his powerlifting meet prep training over the last two months. 

Currently, Call is prepping for the WRPF Hybrid Showdown II meet, which is taking place between February 1st and 2nd at Hybrid Performance Method Gym in Miami, Florida. This will be Call’s first full powerlifting meet and he’s been seriously upping his lifts with the help of his coach, Alex Uslar. 

Over the last few years, Call has shared handfuls of monstrous lifts (often unconventional lifts), and in every video’s comments section there’s always a handful of people asking how he would do in a full, formal powerlifting meet. Well, soon enough, we will officially know what Call is capable, and it’s been watching him move some serious weight over the last few weeks. 

Yesterday, he shared a monstrous and smooth back squat PR with 280kg/615 lbs on the bar, and Uslar commented, “300kg is our magic number”. Check it out below. 

Outside of his latest back squat PR, Call has been also pulling s0me big weight, too, as clearly evident in his latest YouTube video. 

In his YouTube video below, Tom Boyden and Call both work through a deadlift session and Call smokes a 265kg/585 lb top set of five before finishing off his day performing backoff sets. If you want to chuckle, watch the opening scene where Boyden and Call measure the differences in their conventional and sumo deadlift ranges of motion. 

The last time Call competed in a formal strength competition was back in December 2018. At the Hybrid Deadlift Invitational, he competed in the 242 lb weight class and finished his day with a strong 302kg/666 lb deadlift. 

With a string of new big three PRs, we’re pumped to see what Call is able to accomplish when he competes in his first ever formal powerliting meet in two months. 

Feature image from @jujimufu Instagram page.