Kai Greene Shares First Training Video in 6 Months: Isolated Arm Training

“Mr. Getting It Done” was putting in work.

Three-time Arnold Classic Champion Kai Greene recently shared an arm training video on his YouTube channel and by the looks of his physique, he’s been staying in great shape during the lockdown that has affected many parts of the world.

The video is Greene’s first training video in over six months, and he shares his tips on training the arms. With no competitions and many bodybuilders staying away from sharing posts of recent training on social media, fans of the Brooklyn native and bodybuilding at large are excited to see Greene in action.

1st Triset

He begins the workout by performing a triset. That means he is performing three exercises in a row with almost no rest in between. He repeats the triset below three times while keeping rest to a minimum only to speak briefly and discuss what he’s about to do. His purpose is to warm-up and prepare the biceps and triceps for the extra volume to come later in the workout.

“We’ve got blood in these arms. This warm-up allows me to feel in-touch, activated.”

Bench Dips, Rope Pressdowns, and Concentration Curls

1 triset of 20 reps each
1 triset of 15 reps each
1 triset of 12 reps each

2nd Triset

Greene likes doing more exercises for triceps than biceps because the triceps are the larger muscle group of the upper arm. He is also using cables because they allow him to keep tension on the muscle throughout the entire range of motion. For this triset, he chooses two exercises that allow for little transition time.

As for the biceps, he performs hammer curls on the preacher bench. He referenced a long-time bodybuilding rival for the reason he chose that exercise.

“That’s how I get involvement of the brachioradialis in there. You get me? And for those of you that don’t know, that’s one of those Phil Heath muscle groups.”

He occasionally changes weight if he feels he needs to challenge the muscle more, but he clearly focuses on proper form and quality contractions. Single Arm Cable Extension, Cross-Body Cable

Extension, Preacher Hammer Curl

1 triset of 20 reps for each arm
1 triset of 15 reps for each arm
1 triset of 12 reps for each arm

3rd Triset

The next sequence of movements starts with one biceps exercise but still has two triceps movements involved. One of those is reverse-cable extensions which he credits to fellow former Arnold Classic Champion Shawn Ray.

“Every time I do this exercise, for like 20 years at least, I thought about Shawn Ray and how he did this exercise in ‘Lifestyles of the Fit and Famous’. It’s an old VHS tape.”

While the entire series of sets wasn’t caught on camera, he did share his plan for this conclusion to the training session.

Two-Arm Preacher Hammer Curl, Reverse-Grip Cable Triceps Extension, and Close Grip Cable Extension

1 triset of 20 reps each
1 triset of 15 reps each
1 triset of 12 reps each

The actor and comic creator is known for his deep thoughts and comments and he shared some thoughts for those feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, even though he doesn’t address that topic directly.

“There’s a lot of things that are happening in the world right now and it can be very, very easy to become so distracted or allowing your thoughts to be so absorbed by that stuff that we can almost forget to have enough room still left in here (pointing to head) to consider the things that are really important to us. The things that we really want to think about, the things that we add our creativity to, that we require to add our creativity to, and allow us to continue to progressively move towards developing in a direction that we most want to go. Artists have to continue to work, writers have to continue to write, singers have to continue to sing, and dancers have to keep on dancing.”

Featured Image: Instagram/kaigreene