Kai Greene Makes Big Splash at New York Comic Con

He also revealed a new YouTube series recently.

Kai Greene is best-known for his bodybuilding success, but he is also making moves in the comic book industry. Greene was a part of a booth that was featured prominently at New York Comic Con on October 3rd, 4th, and 5th where he was showing art and samples of a comic series he has been developing. NYCC has been active since 2006 and has featured brands of major comic companies as well as developing titles.

The series is known as “Chronicles of King Kai” and has been a passion and project of Greene’s for several years. Longtime fans of his will know that he has been honing his artistic craft even while competing on the biggest stages in bodybuilding. His painting and drawing was a part of his scenes in the films “Generation Iron” and “Generation Iron 2”. He showed part of his experience on his @kaigreene Twitter timeline. 

As for the bodybuilding part of his life, Greene took part in numerous interviews with various forms of media throughout the weekend and had been asked about when we would see him back onstage. While he didn’t make any official announcements, he didn’t close the door completely and has yet to announce a formal retirement from the sport.

Kai Greene’s New YouTube Series 

Greene has also recently launched a new series on YouTube called “Sketched” which also covers his artwork and development of his series. He discusses his plans for the series in the opening minute of the introductory video which is called “Episode 1: Premiere”.

“We’re actually illustrating some of the scenes that you’ll be able to get a chance to see in the actual Chronicles of King Kai.”

The video goes on to show Greene drawing the characters that are a part of his series. He also announces that there will be artwork as a part of his supplement label “Dynamik Muscle”. 

Featured Image: Instagram/kaigreene 

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Roger Lockridge

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