Kevin Oak Squats a Monstrous 860 lbs for New All-Time Powerlifting World Record

He made his two world record squats look like warmups!

Welp, Kevin Oak has once again reminded the strength community about his monstrous squat and how he can make unfathomable weight look like child’s play.

At the Hybrid Showdown II powerlifting meet in Miami, Florida, Oak competed in the 110kg/242 lb weight class and had one goal in mind, break his current all-time squat world record in sleeves. Heading into the meet, Oak already held the 110kg/242 lb all-time world record, but he wanted much more than we what he had previously accomplished. 

On his third attempt, he took 385kg/848 lbs and made it look like a warmup to shatter his current all-time world record. Since, the Hybrid Showdown II was hosted by the WRPF, Oak was then granted a fourth attempt to push his world record even further.

For his fourth attempt, Oak called for 390kg/860 lbs on the bar. As he approached the bar, the room exploded with excitement and energy because they were about to watch Oak make history — once again. By now, we probably don’t need to say how the squat went, but he absolutely smashed his fourth attempt, check it out below.

How Top Athletes Responded

On his Instagram video, handfuls of top athletes commented with their remarks about the new world record and with their congratulations. Check out some of the comments below. 

  • Cailer Woolam wrote, “Watched it live. F*cking smoked it! And on the 4th, too!”
  • Otis Perkin, a.k.a Black Tom Cruise said, “Not even a hater can question that lift!”
  • Sean Green writes, “Crazy impressive and congratulations, brother!”
  • Andy Huang stated, “Easy sh*t, congrats Kevin!!”
  • Robb Philippus said, “Bad Ass, congrats big dog!”

For the bench press and deadlift, Oak took minimal weights and passed on his second and third attempts. His goal for this meet was to smash the all-time squat world record, and he certainly did just that!

Feature image from @oakstrong Instagram page.