Krzysztof Wierzbicki Deadlifts His IPF World Record for An Easy Triple

Nothing to see here, just a man pulling his world record three darn times in a row. (OK, with wrist straps on a deadlift bar.)

It was at the European Classic Powerlifting Championship in March 2017 that Polish powerlifter Krzysztof Wierzbicki made the deadlift that still stands as the heaviest raw lift in the IPF’s -105kg class: 390 kilograms, or 859.8 pounds. Take a look below, just for old times’ sake.

Sixteen months later that world record still stands, but it’s now a standard training lift for Wierzbicki. Watch this video he recently uploaded to his Instagram account of a 390-kilogram triple. Note that he weighs the same as he did when he made the record.

Couple of caveats: those wrist straps take what can be the weakest link of a deadlift out of the equation, and this was made on a Texas bar. That’s a bar that bends a little more than your regulation IPF bar, so it’s not as hard to get off the ground.

But look, it’s a world record triple! In many respects!

To be honest, he probably wasn’t at his peak when he made that original record, either. Just a few weeks after he did it, he was at a meet in Poland when he made a 400-kilogram lift raw, and on a stiff bar, no less. He even went on to go for a 408.5-kilo pull, but his grip gave out at the last second. (And almost crushed his foot in the process.)

If you head to the records section on the IPF’s official website, Krzysztof Wierzbicki’s steely, blonde-framed face peers out of the featured image and with good reason. This man is responsible for some of the most remarkable deadlifts in the federation’s history: the 390kg world record as a -105kg athlete, a 372.5kg world record as a -93kg athlete, and of course there’s the heaviest deadlift ever made in the history of the International Powerlifting Federation: an equipped lift of 420 kilograms (926 pounds), weighing 105.07 kilograms.

He’s also got the raw total records in the -93kg and -105kg classes. Suffice to say we’re looking forward to his next meet.

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Featured image via @mr.deadlift on Instagram.