Larry Wheels Hits a Massive 420kg/926lb Equipped Deadlift PR

The world record holding powerlifter is training for strongman!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic mandated stay-at-home orders, Larry Wheels found unique ways to train — like that time he overhead pressed a ladder with two human beings hanging from the outer rungs poolside in Dubai.

These days, Wheels has been able to get back into the gym and his current training plan has shifted pretty significantly. Before we dive into how his goals have shifted, lets talk about the elephant in the weight room — Wheels deadlifted an insane 420kg/926lb equipped (at 285lb bodyweight) setting a new personal best.

Check it out in the video below from his YouTube channel:

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“I’m going to hit a big pull today in a suit. I’m not chasing anything deadlifting raw anymore. I’m not doing any powerlifting meets anytime soon, I’m not bodybuilding, and I’m already doing this whole cycle wearing straps. So I may as well give myself the full advantage and wear a suit because I intend to pursue strongman.

You read that right. Wheels reiterated:

“We’re leaving bodybuilding and powerlifting in the past.”

Wheels went on to give a shoutout to fellow strongman Luke Richardson and promoted that Richardson may be on the shortlist of athletes who could challenge Hafthor Bjornsson’s 501kg/1,104lb all-time deadlift world record.


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Training Session

Wheels warmed up and then performed this deadlift progression leading up to his PR wearing a suit only from the waist down:

  • 70kg/154lb
  • 120kg/264.6lb

“Even though [the suit] is only on my legs now, I felt the buoyancy. I can feel the spring off the floor.”

For the rest of his progression, he put the suit on fully:

  • 170kg/375lb
  • 220kg/485lb
  • 270kg/595lb
  • 320kg/705.5lb
  • 370kg/815.7lb
  • 420kg/926lb — Personal Best

He attempted to make it a double but was unable to lift it above his shins. He felt that the first lift was easier than it has ever been at such a heavy weight and that his second attempt was stifled due to wearing his belt on the outside of his suit. Layering the belt over the suit prevented him from breathing in the proper amount of air into his diaphragm.

Check out that 420kg/926lb deadlift PR again below from his Instagram page:

Note: swipe left to see the four failed attempts of 900+lb deadlifts Wheels made in the past.


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Wheels detailed that his plan for the next week is to take six days off before attempting a 430kg/948lb pull. We look forward to seeing how heavy he can pull as he ventures further into a career in strongman.

Feature image via Larry Wheel’s Instagram page: @larrywheels