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Watch Strongman Luke Richardson Axle Bar Deadlift 380kg/838lb For a Triple

"The Future" has been hauling some massive weight in the gym this week.

Luke Richardson is at it again. The youngest ever athlete to total 1000kg/2,204lb raw has been putting in really impressive work in the gym this past week and showing off a bit with some massive axle bar deadlifts. He has come a long way since winning the European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) 2018 Junior Men’s Classic British Championships in the 120+kg weight class.

Check out this colossal 380kg/838lb deadlift triple on the axle bar below that Richardson posted on his Instagram page:


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A post shared by Luke “The Future” Richardson (@lukeerichardson) on

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“1000lbs is there whenever I want to pull it. Deadlift is feeling ridiculous at the moment.”

No matter how “ridiculous” a deadlift might feel, nonchalantly touting that pulling 453kg/1000lb would be breezy is a loaded statement. However, judging from this Instagram post below that Richardson shared last week of him pulling 370kg/816lb, his statement might not be all that farfetched. 


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A post shared by Luke “The Future” Richardson (@lukeerichardson) on

Increasing 10kg/22lb in a week is pretty huge at weight this heavy. Richardson has said that he intends to test his max deadlift later this year and breaking through that 453kg/1000lb milestone is increasingly likely.

Richardson is quite young at only 22 years old and is already keeping the company of some of the strongest men on the planet. This past week, he trained with five-time Scotland’s Strongest Man champion Luke Stoltman.


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A post shared by Luke “The Future” Richardson (@lukeerichardson) on

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Assuming Richardson’s current training program continues to pay out huge dividends, it won’t be long before he finds himself competing on the world stage against the strongest men in the world. We look forward to covering that 453kg/1000lb deadlift whenever Richardson decides to pull it.

Feature image from Luke Richardson’s Instagram page: @lukeerichardson

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