New to the Movement, Larry Wheels Hits a 500lb Snatch Grip Push Press

Larry Williams, better known to the strength community as Larry Wheels, is an enormously successful powerlifter and bodybuilder who has achieved world record totals in the 242 pound class (2,171) and the 275 pound class (2,291lb). With almost 750,000 Instagram followers, he’s also managed to parlay his athleticism into becoming something of a social media celebrity, so really, it was just a matter of time before he crossed paths with Bradley Martyn.

Martyn (who totals about 3 million Instagram followers) owns the Los Angeles gym Zoo Culture and in his early days was a physique athlete and Olympic weightlifter. In a clip he just posted, Wheels was working out at Zoo Culture when he decided to try his luck at a behind the neck snatch grip push press, which he says was his “first time doing this, super fun movement!”

So of course whatever he lifted was going to be a personal record. But the guy pulled off a lift of 500 pounds, more than the lifetime best would be for many career weightlifters.

Take a look below.

If you’re curious as to the benefits of this lift, check out our full article that breaks it down: It works the traps, the entire shoulder, the lats, quads, glutes, and core. You can say the same for the regular push press or the behind the neck push press, but this variation has a bit more carryover to the full snatch and can be more helpful for addding more volume to training sessions.

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 While he was at Zoo Culture this week, Williams also did a pretty remarkable squat pyramid that took him up to 775 pounds, then back down again.

I’d say “that man’s going to be hurting tomorrow” but it seems pretty clear that Wheels’ body doesn’t obey conventional rules. In any case, we’re looking forward to his next training clip.

Featured image via @larrywheels on Instagram.