Logan Collins May Lose His Leaderboard Position After CrossFit Open 20.5 Penalty

This could shake up the Open leaderboard without a successful appeal!

Yesterday, four-time CrossFit Games athlete Logan Collins shared an Instagram post highlighting that he had been penalized in CrossFit Open Workout 20.5. His post appears to be slightly ahead of the curve in relationship to CrossFit HQ’s final 20.5 penalties announcement, which we hope will be released later this week. 

This is huge news because if Collins’ appeal — which he’s stated that he made in his Instagram post — doesn’t go through, then he’ll be bumped out of a qualifying position on the 2020 CrossFit Open Leaderboard. Currently, Collins’ is sitting in 28th, which is the final position that sits below the blue line signifying which athletes have earned a ticket to the 2020 CrossFit Games through the Open leaderboard. 

In his Instagram post in response to the penalty news Collins writes,

“Say what?!?!? I appealed 100%. This would send me clear out of a qualifying spot. I have done muscle ups this way for about 6 years now who woulda known!” 

Collins also included the video of his 20.5 workout in his Instagram post’s description, which we’ve embedded below. The post right below is what Collins shared on his Instagram page, and he highlights CrossFit HQ’s message to him following his Open Workout 20.5 review. 

If you’re playing catch up, here’s what we know. 

Every week, CrossFit HQ requires the top 40 male and female athletes on the Open leaderboard to submit videos of their workouts to be reviewed. As of right now, the leaderboard has not been finalized and we’re all waiting for CrossFit HQ’s final press release announcing penalties from Open Workout 20.5.

So far, penalties have been pretty minor in nature, but there have been some announcements that have truly shaken up the leaderboard. Most notably, six athletes were knocked out of Games qualifying contention through the Open leaderboard after 20.1 penalties, and there would have been a seventh had Cedric Lapointe’s (who currently sits in 26th) appeal not gone through. 

While we’re uncertain what the outcome for Collins’ case will be, as we’re waiting on HQ’s press release, Lapointe’s successful appeal does shed a little bit of hope on the situation, but it will all come down to HQ’s discretion. 

In previous weeks, CrossFit HQ has announced Open penalties later in the week, but with Thanksgiving taking place on Thursday this week, we’re uncertain if we’ll get an updated announcement before early next week. Fingers crossed we do!

Feature image from @logancollins3 Instagram page.