CrossFit HQ Releases Penalties Issued for Open Workout 20.4

More penalties have been issued to top placing Open athletes!

This week’s string of CrossFit Open penalties are in and multiple athletes in the top 40 have received penalties. Reminder, for this year’s Open, CrossFit HQ requires every athlete that finished in the top 40 on the overall Open leaderboard to submit videos of their workouts to verify their recorded scores. 

Every week, more and more top athletes receive both minor and major penalties based on the nature of their offense. This week, 13 athletes have received penalties. Of these athletes, there have been two major and 11 minor penalties issued. The two athletes who have received major penalties include Cedric Lapointe and Giorgos Karavis. 

Check out the full list from CrossFit HQ that details all of the athletes that have received penalties for CrossFit Open Workout 20.4 below.

  • Tia-Clair Toomey –  Minor penalty for finishing 1 rep short on pistols in the final round (consecutive reps completed on the same leg)
  • Cédric Lapointe – Major penalty for consistent lack of depth in the pistols (both legs).
  • Alanna Fisk –  Minor penalty for no rep on pistol, lifted leg plants as the athlete is standing
  • Brooke Haas – Minor penalty for lack of extension in the pistol
  • Taylor Williamson – Minor penalty for lack of extension on box jumps
  • Emma Tall – Minor penalty for finishing 1 rep short on the second barbell due to judge’s miscount
  • Tyler Christophel – Minor penalty for only completing 29 pistols in the second round
  • Jean-Simon Roy-Lemaire – Minor penalty for no rep on the box jump due to athlete’s hand on thigh
  • Giorgos Karavis – Major penalty for consistent lack of depth in the pistol (right leg).
  • Scott Tetlow – Minor penalty for finishing 1 pistol short in one round
  • Jonne Koski – Minor penalty for no rep on pistols (heel touches the ground at the bottom of the pistol).
  • Jacob Heppner – Minor penalty for finishing without completing three pistols. The athlete stopped and re-started on the same leg twice in set one and once in set three.
  • Piotr Szczycinski – Minor penalty for finishing without completing three pistols. The athlete stopped and re-started on the same leg multiple times. 

From what we can tell, these penalties haven’t really shaken up the leaderboard too much. Like every athlete, we’re patiently waiting for the final week’s round of penalties so the leaderboard can be finalized (for the time being!). 

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Feature image from @clapointe97 Instagram page. 

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Jake Boly

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