Bodybuilder Luke Sandoe Shows Incredible Strength While Pressing 220 Pound Dumbbells

The UK pro bodybuilder can move serious weight.

There is a common statement made by bodybuilders and bodybuilding fans that Monday is “International Chest Day.” It seems everyone wants to start their week by training the pecs and working on their bench.

IFBB Pro League bodybuilder Luke Sandoe made the most out of his Monday by posting a video of himself on Instagram where he is performing the flat dumbbell bench press with 220 pound (100 kg) dumbbells.

According to the post, the scene was Muscleworks Gym in Orpington, England. In the video, Sandoe falls back onto the bench with the weight and performs four reps before failing on his attempt at a 5th. The caption with the post shows Sandoe is thinking he can potentially do more with them in due time.

“Taking the 220 pound dumbbells for a spin. F*** me they’re heavy 220 pound peanuts. Now to use the next few weeks to get the reps up.”

The Significance

There is a reason why this set will resonate with so many bodybuilding fans that follow the sport. Eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman was also known for his amazing power when training. The video of himself doing flat and incline presses with 200 pound dumbbells had went viral once they appeared online. They were originally from one of his training videos. At that time, Coleman was as known for those sets as he was for winning his titles.

andoe is a former UK Amateur Champion and has been on the rise over the last couple of seasons. He didn’t win a show in 2019 but did have what many would call a successful season. He placed 3rd at the Arnold Classic, 2nd in Tampa to winner Dexter Jackson, and 11th at the 2019 Mr. Olympia. He is currently considered one of the strongest pros on the bodybuilding scene and clips like this one are why.

He in his offseason and as of this writing has not stated which contests he plans to enter in 2020. He will have to win a show or earn points to qualify for the Olympia this September.

Featured Image: Instagram/lukesandoe