2019 Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Results: Dexter Jackson Wins!

Dexter Jackson Takes His 29th Pro Win in Tampa.

The Tampa Pro bodybuilding show is the annual last chance saloon as it pertains to the Mr. Olympia contest. If you have not secured a qualifying spot by the time this show comes around, it’s either do so here or you’re not going to Las Vegas. Some of the athletes in this lineup either had to win or add enough points to the season total to earn a place in the biggest show of the year.

Winner – Dexter Jackson

Dexter “The Blade” Jackson adds to his record for most professional wins by taking his 29th career victory. Some of those wins include 5 Arnold Classics and the 2008 Mr. Olympia title. This is actually his first win since 2016 and this was the best he has looked since then. Critics pointed out that his legs weren’t what they used to be in the past but they were much better here and he was as ripped as he has ever been. As a former Mr. Olympia, he didn’t need the qualifying spot but did want to achieve 30 career victories. He’s now one step closer.

2nd Place – Luke Sandoe

The British sensation was actually better in the evening finals than he was in prejudging which made this contest a little closer than people expected. With his imposing size, improving conditioning, and his growing fanbase, Sandoe is on the rise and will be a major player for years to come. If not for Jackson, this would’ve been his show for the taking. Sandoe has now secured enough points and will be moving on to the Olympia next month.

3rd Place – Iain Valliere

Valliere had competed a few times already this season, starting with a runner-up spot at the Toronto Pro and most recently in Portugal where he placed 3rd. It wasn’t so much about what Valliere was missing as it was that Jackson and Sandoe were both very good and stood out from the rest of the field. As a result, Valliere is short on points and will not be moving on to the Olympia.

4th – Lukas Osladil

Osladil had a similar look to his previous appearances which has been good enough to secure points but not good enough to take a victory. Even though he placed behind Valliere here, he had more season points than the young Canadian and therefore, will qualify for the big show in Las Vegas.

5th – Hassan Mostafa

This man came out of Egypt but had been training in Kuwait and no one in Tampa saw him placing in the Top 5. Many fans didn’t know who he was since he is a new pro. He is a younger competitor and needs to add details to his physique like rounder shoulders, more thickness in the back, but overall has a lot of potential.

Other Results

John Jewett secured his first pro victory in the 212 and earned an automatic position to the Olympia where he has a chance to win the vacant 212 Olympia Showdown title.

Abner Logan takes the victory in Classic Physique over Rickey Moten Jr., who placed 2nd.

The Men’s Physique contest was taken by Carl Presendieu in a home state victory.

All ladies’ divisions were contested in this show as well. Nicole Zenobia Graham was the winner in Figure. Sheila Bleck, a former women’s bodybuilding winner here, won in Women’s Physique. Helle Trevino won the women’s bodybuilding contest. Forty two year-old Jenny Worth was the winner in the Fitness division. Finally, Norway’s Maureen Blanquisco was victorious in the bikini show.

Featured image: @mrolympia08 on Instagram