Ronnie Coleman Talks Football, Today vs. 90s, and More in New Valuetainment Interview

The 8-time Mr. Olympia discussed a lot of topics.

Patrick Bet-David sat down with a few different bodybuilding stars in 2019 including Phil Heath, Dorian Yates, and Brandon Curry, all Mr. Olympia winners. Valuetainment has published a new video on YouTube featuring a 4th winner of bodybuilding’s biggest title: Ronnie Coleman.

Coleman has been featured in numerous interviews and profiles, so many of his qualities and stories have been shared repeatedly, like his 800 pound squat for two reps and that he was a police officer before and even during his first years as a pro bodybuilder. This 100 plus minute interview shows Bet-David covering different topics that may be new to longtime Coleman fans including that he may have had a future in the National Football League.

“I had talked to some pro scouts but I never got drafted so I felt like if I wasn’t good enough to get drafted, I wasn’t good enough to play. That was just my attitude. Maybe if I went out there and gave it my all, I could’ve made a team.”

Bet-David shares that Coleman suffered a neck injury when tackling a quarterback and asks if had it not been for that, we might be talking to a retired NFL player Ronnie Coleman.

“Possibly…you never know.”

Another topic was regarding bodybuilders of the past compared to today. In a previous Valuetainment video, Dorian Yates critiqued bodybuilding today compared to his era which was responded to by current Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry. In the most recent video, Coleman also shared how he felt bodybuilding was in the 1990’s compared to now. 

“I don’t see it. They wouldn’t make the Top 5. Conditioning is not the same. Look at those guys. I mean, nobody looks like they’ve been on a diet, like a real diet, diet.”

Bet-David dives deeper to Coleman’s analysis and asked what he looked for when he said that.

“Nobody really looks like they are in shape. They look okay. You put them next to me, Flex (Wheeler), Kevin (Levrone), and Shawn (Ray), guys like that, you would say ‘whoa, that’s a big difference.’”

Among the other subjects Bet-David and Coleman discuss are his strength levels compared to powerlifters, his thoughts on Arnold Schwarzenegger, competitors he faced over the course of his career, and the day Jay Cutler defeated him for what would have been Coleman’s 9th Mr. Olympia.

Featured Image: Instagram/ronniecoleman8