Marisa Flowers Performs Fastest Ever “Fran” By a Female Athlete

A blistering time of 1:53.

On August 31st, Marisa Flowers performed the CrossFit® WOD “Fran” in 1 minute 53 seconds. That is not only under the standard 2 minutes generally seen as excellent for elite athletes, but it’s also the fastest time ever posted by a female athlete for “Fran” that can be verified via video.

For those unfamiliar with the workout, it consists of:

21-15-9 (reps)

Check out the full workout below courtesy of Flowers Instagram page:


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Started the day off with a nice little “Fran” PR

Yeah, no big deal. Just a “nice little PR”, the fastest PR in the history of “Fran”s by any female athlete; a lovely start to the day.

Flowers mentioned in her caption that she has “been practicing staying calm and steady on workouts” which has helped her secure faster times. She also mentions (and you can see in the video) that her early pull-ups have a small kip and her later pull-ups have a larger, or as she put it “normal,” kip.

According to her CrossFit® Games athlete profile, the 29-year-old Flowers stands 4’10 and weighs 108lb. She has only competed in the Open the past two years, ranking 58th in the United States and 124th worldwide in 2020.

There were some comments on the video of the workout on KTX Fit’s YouTube channel that were under the impression that the video was sped up considering how fast and how smooth Flowers performed the WOD. Those uncertainties of the video’s legitimacy were cleared up for good when CrossFit® Games Instagram page shared the news of the new women’s world record themselves:


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Congratulations to Flowers for an unbelievable “Fran” time. We look forward to seeing the times on other WODs she is able to perform in the future.

Feature image from KTX Fit’s YouTube channel.