Mat Fraser And Brooke Wells Make Surprise Visit To a CrossFit Gym In Texas

Fraser and Wells visited CrossFit Jääkarhu in Austin, Texas.

How would you feel if Matt Fraser, the three-time Fittest Man on Earth, popped into your local CrossFit gym for a quick hello and workout?

Besides some initial nerves that he may leave you in the dust, you’re looking at one of the top CrossFit athletes in the world taking the time to drop by your gym. The surprise didn’t even stop there.

Fraser was joined by Brook Wells, a four-time CrossFit Games athlete, to make the unexpected visit. The two top CrossFit athletes visited CrossFit Jääkarhu in Austin, Texas and the trip was put together by Cellucor.

When Fraser and Wells showed up to CrossFit Jääkarhu, neither quite knew what to expect. Fraser started off the video saying this is the first time that he will actually be able to interact with fans because during competitions he rarely has any time to do much else besides compete.

“My normal interaction with the fans is just at competitions so you know it’s very limited because I’m trying to focus on competing,” Fraser said at :29 in the video. “But this will be cool to actually spend time with them instead of the other task at hand.”

Fraser and Wells shook a lot of hands, gave coaching tips, and made the local member’s day.

“Out walks Brooke Wells and it’s pretty much the best day of my life,” a woman at the gym said. You can see her completely star struck at 1:22 in the video.

“It was super fun, they were all super surprised,” Wells said at 2:39 in the video. “It was really cool to see everyone excited to see that we were there and they didn’t know at all.”

Upon the conclusion of the 2019 CrossFit Open, Fraser was crowned National Champion for the United States and Wells made the CrossFit Open Top 20 Women’s list.

Feature image from YouTube channel.