Watch Meg Squats’ Hilarious “Powerlifting Grandma” Prank

Meanwhile in Los Angeles, at the bodybuilding Mecca that is Gold’s Gym, Meg Gallagher has pulled off one of our favorite fitness pranks of all time.

Gallagher, better known to the lifting community as Meg Squats, is an elite powerlifter with an enormous online following. Best known for her YouTube tutorials and vlogs and dedicated to getting a barbell in every woman’s hands, Gallagher is currently a spokesperson for — a position that has opened up a lot more resources for YouTube vids.

Take a look at her latest endeavor, entitled “Meet The Powerlifting Grandma,” in which she slathers on makeup to give her the appearance of an elderly, 2-pound-dumbbell-curling grandma. To look at her, you’d have no idea her Wilks PR is 432 and she’s capable of deadlifting over 400 pounds. That’s what makes this so much fun.

Our favorite parts are a toss up between the guy trying to spot her rapid fire squats at the 1:30 mark or the 375-pound deadlift at the three-minute mark.

[Learn how Meg Squats transitioned from bikini shows to CrossFit to powerlifting in our interview with her here!]

We couldn’t watch this video without remembering a similar prank that had more to do with CrossFit. CrossFit® Games athlete Kenneth Leverich turned up at Muscle Beach in California to show up the local athletes in the guise of an 84-year-old prune juice aficionado. (“You know what (supplements) I use? Prune juice.”)

[While we’re talking gym pranks, don’t overlook Arnold Schwarzenegger going undercover as an attendant at Gold’s Gym!]

This drew an enormous crowd and we can’t help but wonder if people started to suspect something was amiss once he started busting out back flips, but hey, it works. (Is it just us or does it feel like it’s time for an undercover old person doing strongman video?)

Featured image via on YouTube.