Powerlifter Miles Taylor Hits 2x Bodyweight Deadlift PR With Cerebral Palsy

Miles Taylor is providing serious inspiration as he hits PR after PR at Neversate Athletics.

Miles Taylor is inspiring powerlifters and athletes around the world today with his latest massive 200-pound deadlift PR, which he achieved at 99 pounds bodyweight. Taylor has cerebral palsy, a movement disorder that affects muscle tone and movement, which makes this achievement all the more impressive — but any athlete hitting a double bodyweight deadlift is a cause for celebration.

After promising to hit this milestone for some time, he recently uploaded this video, which was shot at the Maryland gym Neversate Athletics.

It’s a great shot of a great PR, and it’s made all the better by Brian Alsruhe walking through the background and immediately dropping the bags he was carrying to cheer on the lift.

[Watch Alsruhe and Meyers train extremely heavy with Brian Shaw.]

He posted it with the following caption:

200lb deadlift at 99lb!! More than double me bodyweight!!! HECK YEAH! A huge thank you to my coach @uncle.nic for alway being by my side and teaching how to hitch!! And thank you to my @neversate fam for always cheering me on! You guys a the greatest!

Taylor’s coach Nicolai Meyers also wrote on his page,

@smiles_taylor as been working his ass off to get to the 200lb mark! It may take him a little longer, may require a little more patience but I want everyone to know he never let failure stop his momentum! Keep shining your light brother!

Just two weeks earlier, the athlete posted himself hitting a 190-pound PR in the lift (“I’m coming for you, 200lb!”) making for some pretty serious progress in such a short timeframe.

Taylor, who works as a photographer and graphic designer, also works with apparel brand The Loyal Brand, and has said on their website that he

wants to spread awareness for those with disabilities and let everyone know a disability does not define you and it is not a label. He wants to show the world that despite his disability, Miles has the ABILITY to be who he wants to be and achieve anything he puts his mind to. Miles doesn’t see his cerebral palsy as a disability, it’s his motivation.

Congratulations to Taylor on his latest lift — we’re looking forward to reading more about his progress as he continues in the sport.

Featured image via @smiles_taylor on Instagram.