NFL Running Back Nick Chubb Hits a 610-Pound Squat Double on a Tsunami Bar

The 26-year-old star of the Cleveland Browns trains heavy in the gym.

Whenever a video of an elite athlete outside of the strength sports world goes viral on social media for a big lift, it is usually due to the lift being an immense feat of strength. On July 22, 2022, the National Football League’s (NFL) Twitter page shared a video of Nick Chubb, the 26-year-old running back drafted in the second round of the 2018 draft.

Nick Chubb is stronger than you.

In the video, Chubb is surrounded by his teammates in the gym, three of whom are spotting him for his 276.7-kilogram (610-pound) raw squat double with a Tsunami Bar. A Tsunami Bar is a flexible barbell made from composite materials that bend during a lift to help improve strength and power. Chubb did not wear knee sleeves for the lift, and it appears as though he forewent a lifting belt as well. Check it out below:

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Chubb has spent all four seasons as a pro in Cleveland. He will undoubtedly reach 1,000 rushing yards in his fifth, as he currently has 908 career rushing yards through 2021, according to Pro Football Reference. Chubb stands 5’11” tall and weighs 227 pounds, which means his 276.7-kilogram (610-pound) squat double is 2.7 times his bodyweight.

What makes Chubb’s lift even more impressive beyond the fact that he did not wear knee sleeves and presumably didn’t have a lifting belt under his t-shirt is that he also performed the squat double in sneakers. It is apparent in the video that he is wearing Nike shoes, but they do not appear to be any of the weightlifting shoes Nike offers.

If Chubb’s Tsunami Bar squat double is your first introduction to his strength feats in the gym, you might have just found a new athlete to follow. While he doesn’t often post on his Instagram page — six posts total since Jan. 16, 2021, despite having 487,000 followers — when he does, it is either of him on the football field or in the gym performing double-take worthy lift. Check out the video below published on July 19, 2022, wherein Chubb power cleans 183.7 kilograms (405 pounds) twice:


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The Cleveland Browns are scheduled for three pre-season games on Aug. 12, Aug. 21, and Aug. 27, 2022, against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia Eagles, and Chicago Bears, respectively. The 2022 NFL season is scheduled to start on Sept. 8, 2022, and Chubb and the Browns’ opening day is on Sept. 11, 2022, against the Carolina Panthers.

Featured image: @NFL on Twitter