Professional Football Legend Shannon Sharpe Shows Off Insane Bench Press Strength

Check out Shannon Sharpe get in a solid workout session!

From the looks of it, Shannon Sharpe is still approaching gym sessions like he’s after another Super Bowl ring. The former professional football legend showed off an impressive upper body training session on his Instagram page. 

Sharpe is a three-time Super Bowl champion and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011. Sharpe spent 14 seasons in the National Football League (NFL), and finished his career as one of the most dominant tight ends in the league. And even after an illustrious career in the NFL, Sharpe is still getting after it. 

Sharpe is 51-years-old and nothing, not even an early call time for his sports commentating profession, seems to get in the way of a solid gym session. He shared on his Instagram page and Twitter an upper body focused workout which included a solid high-rep bench press workout. 

It looked like this:

“225×20, 275×15, 315×10 30 degree incline 90×12, 105×12, 120×12 3 sets of seated shoulder press 80×10 90×10 100×10, Side lateral raises, front lateral raise 3×12 for both. Now resting for 4 pm CrossFit.”

Aside from giving big props to Sharpe for the solid workout, perhaps another part of the post worth noting is the CrossFit mention. Turns out Sharpe is on the CrossFit train and loves training with a functional fitness style.

Maybe he’ll get the next 2020 CrossFit Games Wild Card invite?

Sharpe doesn’t typically share a lot of his workout sessions on his social channels, however, it’s clear the guy keeps up with his fitness and diet. On top of the impressive high-rep bench above, about a week ago, he showed off a heavy and easy 3-plate plus bench press day which also was his warm up for a 4 p.m. CrossFit session. 

It’s pretty obvious Sharpe has learned a thing or two about discipline and consistency from his days as a professional football player. Hats off to the guy for still getting in two-a-days!

Featured image from @shannonsharpe84 Instagram page.