Nigerian Bodybuilder Does Farmers Walks with Gas-Powered Generators

We’ve written on Nigerian bodybuilder Azekhumhe Omoh before, but I thought it was only fitting to highlight his latest video featuring what could be described as a, “No excuses farmers walk.” His latest video features clips of Omoh going through some full body training with dynamic movements like tire flips and farmers walks.

The tire flips and carries are normal, but as for the farmers walk, Omoh uses a 40kg Tiger gasoline generator set. That right there is the definition of utilizing your surroundings for gains.

Omoh is frequently associated with having some unconventional training methods – not in regards to the ways we trains – but with the equipment he utilizes. He’s definitely someone who makes the most out of every situation, even when being in less than ideal surroundings.

In October 2016, Omoh started receiving attention for his homemade dumbbells, barbells, and strength equipment. Most of his training videos feature homemade racks, benches, dumbbell, and barbells with concrete weight plates. The video below features front squats and deadlifts with some of Omoh’s homemade barbells and concrete weight plates.

What might be the most impressive part about the homemade equipment is how evenly distributed the weight is. The plates don’t all look exactly perfect, but Omoh never lets that impact the way he trains or the symmetry in his lifts.

In an interview with Garage Gym Life, they ask Omoh if he personally builds his equipment or does someone else make it?

He responds with, “We built most of the equipment ourselves with a well measured amount of sand, cement and gravel for the weights but we have to make a sketch and provide the resources needed for the metal equipment like the Squat rack, T-bar and the Squat bar.”

Omoh might be the definition of someone who loves strength and will do anything – like carry gasoline generators – to achieve his goals.

Feature image from @oazekhumhe Instagram page.