NOBULL Gives Sneak Peek of Their Two New Lifting Shoes

NOBULL is best known for their cross training shoes and their old school-esque lifters. Their shoes grew quickly in popularity largely due to members of the functional fitness community who wanted a fresh, quality shoe that wasn’t the standard Reebok, Nike, and Adidas brand.

In the summer of 2016, NOBULL hinted and then dropped their first lifter. They were designed and made to pay tribute to an old school look and feel and included a stacked leather heel, as opposed to the standard wood or plastic. Today NOBULL’s team sent out an email giving sneak peaks at their two new lifting shoes.

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The two new lifters offer the same old school look and feel, but with a color variety. The two color schemes are: Midnight Blue and Deep Purple.

NOBULL hasn’t posted a price yet for these lifters, but our educated guess is they’ll be similar to the first “coffee” model, which are available for $299.00. NOBULL also has a fully-black version.

The release date has been set to January 20th, 12:00 A.M. EST.

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The features of their new lifters are similar to their first model and are listed below.

From their website, in case the copy sounds promotional:

  • The leather used in the NOBULL Lifter is hand selected, top grain material, embedded with natural oils. The result is an exceptionally strong and durable leather, with rich texture.
  • The Lifter’s stacked leather heel consists of individually cut layers, bonded, waxed, finished and buffed for smooth, beautiful contours that reveal the natural grains. 2-3 hours of precise handwork goes into each heel and outsole.
  • Molded, removable sockliner.
  • 18.5mm heel to toe drop.


The midnight blue shoe appears to be the most similar to their first lifter. This shoe’s color scheme still features the old school brown leather on the strap and heel.


The NOBULL name still covers the heel in black lettering, which is similar to their first “coffee” version.

One clear difference between the midnight blue and deep purple shoe is the heel coloring. Unlike the classic brown leather, this shoe has a grey leather.


The lettering on the heel looks to be a darker shade of grey, which adds a cool subtle touch.


The features discuss the heel still offering the handcrafted stacked leather heel, which gives each shoe their old school wood appearance.


Another difference between the two new lifters and NOBULL’s first model are the shoe laces. The first lifter came with two different styles of shoe laces (black, flat, waxed laces & boot laces).

From the photos and features we can see, the new models only come with one pair of shoe laces. These laces look similar to the flat, waxed style of the first model, but with similar color to the mid-foot and toe.


The two new color schemes provide a variety that wasn’t previously present, but still aim to capture the old school look and feeling.

What are your thoughts on the new colors? Are they a hit or miss? And have you tried NOBULL’s weightlifting shoe?

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