Powerlifter Amanda Lawrence (-84 kg) Deadlifts An Incredible 265kg

Watch Amanda Lawrence power through a crazy deadlift training series!

Powerlifter Amanda Lawrence doesn’t just like to lift heavy, she loves it. The -84kg athlete showed off her insane deadlift sequence from training, which was highlighted with her incredible 265kg, or 584lbs deadlift for one rep.

She wrote, “Heavy pulls are my favorite, because I just wanna be like strong strong okay.”


Okay, okay! We hear you, and see you. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Lawrence pull some seriously impressive weight. Last year, we covered her massive 258.5kg, or 570lbs deadlift. At the time, this was her personal record, and made quite the splash in the strength sports social media community.

In 2019, she’s been showing us what she’s made of at several events, notably the Arnold SBD Grand Prix and the Arnold Pro Deadlift. At the Arnold SBD Grand Prix, her biggest meet to date, Lawrence finished in first place with a 596kg, or 1314lbs total at 83.6kg class. She squatted 240kg/529lbs, benched 110kg/242.5 lbs, and deadlifted 246kg/542lbs.


At the Arnold Pro Deadlift, just a day later, Lawrence pulled 237.5kg/523.6 pounds for a single.

Lawrence has already made incredible strides since both of those events, and hitting the 265kg lift we’ve highlighted here reminded us how much more she can accomplish on the platform. Along with sharing that impressive deadlift this week, Lawrence also showed off herself hitting 250kg/551lbs for one rep over-under-style. (Swipe right on the video above to see it.)


Following that, she went for three rounds and four reps at 235kg/518lbs, and then two rounds of four reps at 227.5kg/501lbs. What a week of training it has been for her, especially since this session came just two days after she hit her personal record on bench, crushing 122.5kg/270lbs.


We’re not sure when Lawrence is next competing, but through her consistent training gains, and hitting an incredible 265kg deadlift we can’t wait to see what she hits next time she gets on the platform.

Feature image from @miss.amanda.ann Instagram page.