Powerlifter Cailer Woolam Deadlifts An Epic 431kg for All-Time World Record

This is Cailer Woolam's fifth powerlifting meet in a row to break an all-time world record!

The doctor will see you now. At the Kern US Open, Cailer Woolam or “Doctor Deadlift” as per his Instagram page, reinstated his dominance as one of the world’s best deadlifters. Over the last few years, Woolam has been a commanding force in both the 90kg/198 lb and 100kg/220 lb weight classes, and took home first place this weekend in the 100kg/220 lb weight class.

On the day, Woolam weighed in at 214 lbs, went 8-for-9 on his attempts, hit multiple meet PRs, set an all-time world record deadlift, and arguably had one of the best meets of his life. In fact, this was Woolam’s fifth meet in a row to shatter an all-time world record.

To kick off his strong performance, Woolam went 3-for-3 on his squats and finished with a 300kg/661 lb meet PR, which was a goal number he had in mind heading into the meet.


On the bench press, Woolam went 2-for-3 and concluded his attempts with a 215kg/474 lb press. He missed his second attempt with this weight, but tackled it for his third to earn another meet PR.

Now, onto the deadlifts — the part of Woolam’s performance that many were waiting for. Woolam ended up going 3-for-3 and chipped away at his current 100kg/220 lb all-time world record by 1kg.

On his Instagram page, Woolam discussed that he didn’t have a high priority of breaking the deadlift all-time world record heading into the meet, but his deadlifts felt great, so he pushed (or pulled for that matter) a new world record. For his third attempt, Woolam called for 431kg/950 lbs on the bar and absolutely crushed it. 


This deadlift earned Woolam a massive 945kg/2,085 lb total, which was also an 85 lb meet PR for himself.

Woolam recapped his meet on his Instagram page writing, “Breaking my deadlift record wasn’t the biggest priority for this meet, a big PR total was. But it just happened to be there that day. Only 1kg PR here, but this time it was on standard plates compared to the larger ones in Russia.

So I was very pleased with this because of that. My knees were shot and I was kinda smoked after squats. But somehow deads just felt great at the meet. Best they have ever felt! 5th meet in a row to break a world record!”

After hitting meet PRs on his squat, bench press, deadlift, and total, we think it’s safe to say that Woolam conquered what he set out to do at the 2019 Kern US Open.

Feature image from @doctor.deadlift Instagram page.