Cailer Woolam Deadlifts 430kg, Breaks All-Time World Record

Over the weekend, powerlifter Cailer Woolam showed once again why they call him the doctor of deadlifts. At the World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) World Championships, Woolam competed against some of the strongest athletes in the world in the 100kg/220 lb weight class and made his mark in the history books.

For Woolam, this meet was huge for a few reasons. First, this all-time world record breaking performance marks the fourth meet in a row at which he has shattered a deadlift world record. Second, he has spent much of this year overcoming a few injuries that had been hindering his training, so it’s awesome seeing him back on the platform.

Lastly, this marks the heaviest deadlift ever completed in competition by someone weighing less than 100kg. In Woolam’s Instagram video’s description he writes, “Heaviest deadlift in competition by any American ever Regardless of gear or weight class.”

On the day, Woolam weighed in at 98kg/216 lbs and finished his performance with a 907kg/2,001 lb total. For the squat, he finished with a 272.5kg/601 lbs lift and for the bench press he hit 205kg/452 lbs on his second attempt and closely missed a 210kg/463 lbs third attempt at the lockout.

In part of Woolam’s Instagram video’s description for the deadlift he discusses his thoughts on the meet and the WRPF’s plates and writes,

“I am beyond pleased to walk away with a PR total after all of my Injuries and setbacks this year. And with little to no squat training leading up to the meet. The challenge of traveling across the world and competing was very hard, but I did my best to show up and do what I could do. Easier off the ground with the big plates. But very very hard to control the bar whip at the top for those wondering.”

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In addition to his video above, Woolam also shared a fourth attempt deadlift on his Instagram page with a massive 440kg/970 lbs. A fourth attempt is something the WRPF grants if a lifter has the opportunity to break an all-time world record. Unfortunately, he just missed this lift at the top and couldn’t fully lock out the weight.

Woolam already owned the 100kg/220 lb all-time deadlift world record going into this meet, and he’s once again pushed it further. Will any athlete be able touch this feat in the near future?

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Feature image from @doctor.deadlift Instagram page.

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Jake Boly

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