Powerlifter Cailer Woolam Pulls a Strong 382.5kg (843 lb) Conventional Deadlift

Cailer Woolam, aka Doctor Deadlift, is proving once again that his Instagram handle is a pretty good fit. Two days ago on his Instagram story, Woolam teased the question of whether or not he could hit a 20 lb conventional PR, which to no surprise, his following voted over 90% that “yes” he would.

After a day of waiting, Woolam followed up the proposed Instagram question with a video highlighting a new conventional PR. His latest lift features a 382.5kg (843 lb) conventional deadlift personal record.

In his Instagram video’s description Woolam writes, “843lbs (382.5KG) 20 lb conventional PR after some squats. Can’t remember the last time I struggled this much on a deadlift. My conventional deadlift has always been a little more than 100lbs behind my sumo. So if that still holds true I should be at about 950 sumo currently”

Woolam’s deadlift progress has been one of the most impressive strength feats we’ve seen over the last 18 months. In December 2016, we first wrote about Woolam when he deadlifted 408kg (900 lbs) with a hookgrip at a bodyweight of 206 lbs. Since this initial article, Woolam has pulled well over 408kg (900 lbs) on multiple occasions.

And before anyone comments something like, “finally not a sumo deadlift,” Woolam actually trains with conventional deadlifts more often than sumos, and has stated so on his Instagram page.

Currently, Woolam holds two all-time deadlift worlds records, which are in the 90kg (198 lb) and 100kg (220 lb) weight classes. His 90kg (198 lb) all-time world record was set back in February 2017 when he became the first athlete to pull 400kg (881 lbs) at a competition bodyweight of 90kg and below.

Then fast forward to August 2017, and Woolam deadlifted 420.5kg (927 lbs) at the Boss of Bosses IV meet to set the 100kg (220 lb) all-time world record.

If Woolam’s Instagram description is true about the 100 lb difference between his deadlift, could we be seeing a 950 lb pull in the near future?

Feature image from doctor.deadlift Instagram page.