Powerlifter Gerald Dionio Sumo Deadlifts 288kg (635 lb) for a Double

Gerald Dionio, aka Tiny N Tuff on Instagram, is hitting some huge lifts in prep for the Kern US Open. This year, the Kern US Open is taking place on May 12th-13th in San Diego, California, so we’re less than one month out.

In Dionio’s latest video, he sumo deadlifts a monstrous 288kg (635 lb) top set double to conclude three sets. For context, this lift is well over 4x Dionio’s competition bodyweight, and he pulled it for a double. Check out the lift below.

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At the Kern US Open, Dionio is set to compete in the very competitive 148 lb weight class. If you’re already a fan of Dionio’s lifting, then you probably know that moving big weight is nothing new for him.

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For example, a month ago Dionio shared a huge 319kg (705 lb) block pull double. In Dionio’s Instagram video’s description he writes, “Closing in on the block pull phase…. Top set at 705lbs for 2 at 156bw! Right hands was slipping so couldn’t lock out the second rep but I’ll take it”

It’s going to be interesting to see what Dionio is able to do come competition day. The last time Dionio took the competition stage was at the LA Fit Expo and he took the platform at a weight of 158 lbs.

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At this meet, Dionio hit his biggest competition deadlift to date, which included a staggering 308kg (678 lb) deadlift.

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Currently, Dionio is the owner of the 148 lb all-time world record total (with wraps). He set this 721kg (1,590 lb) total at last year’s CETC US Open where he hit a 272kg (600 lb) squat, a 169kg (374 lb) bench press, and 279kg (617 lb) deadlift.

It’s going to be interesting to see what Dionio’s capable of at this year’s Kern US Open. Last year, he set a new all-time world record for the 148 lb weight class, could he do the same this year?

Feature image from @tiny_n_tuff Instagram page.