Powerlifter Heather Connor (47KG) Deadlifts 200.5 Kilograms (442 Pounds) in Training

Connor unofficially broke her own world record by over 15 pounds.

Competitive powerlifter Heather Connor has captured the eyes of powerlifting fans everywhere thanks to her latest training feat. On Sept. 1, 2022, Connor posted some recent training lifts on her Instagram — among them, a 200.5-kilogram (442-pound) sumo deadlift

The lift itself is an unofficial International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) world record, which currently stands at 185 kilograms, or 407.8 pounds, and belongs to Connor herself. It’s also eight kilograms under Connor’s all-time world record

After a moment of psyching herself up, the two-time IPF World Champion approached the bar with focus and confidence. Using her trademark sumo stance and a mixed grip on the barbell, Connor took on gravity and won by pulling the bar up until she was in a standing position:


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The bar swayed a bit during the ascent and during the lockout, but she still stood tall before dropping the weight and briefly celebrating. She was wearing a belt, singlet, and flat shoes during the lift. She also appeared to be listening to music through headphones.

Connor has also posted videos of herself squatting 152.5 kilograms (336 pounds) recently, another personal record, and bench pressing 77.5 kilograms (171 pounds) as well.

Connor’s Commentary

In response to a question in the comments section of her deadlift video, Connor reported that she weighed just under 48 kilograms, or 105.84 pounds. This puts her in the rare company of athletes that have pulled four times their own bodyweight

What’s more, her gym deadlift is a full eight kilograms ahead of her 192.5-kilogram pulls from 2021 — a number she hit twice in competition last year, according to Open Powerlifting.

Connor initially set the record on June 14, 2021 at the USAPL Raw Nationals. She matched that effort by pulling it again on Nov. 27, 2021, at the ABS Pro meet in Ireland, making her the all-time world record holder in the 47-kilogram class. Connor is currently training to compete in the 2022 Fédération Française de Force (FFForce) Girl Power meet in France, which is the home country of fellow 47-kilogram competitor Tiffany Chapon.

At the time of this article’s publication, it’s not known whether Chapon will appear at Girl Power. She and Connor have faced off before, though, at the 2022 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships. Chapon won out at that meet, but it’s evident that Connor is hot on her heels. 

Featured Image: @heather.e.connor on Instagram