World Record Training — Powerlifter Tiffany Chapon (47KG) Squats 166 Kilograms Raw in the Gym

Chapon's squat would break her world record by 13 kilograms were it in competition.

Powerlifter Tiffany Chapon has been dominating the weights in recent months. One recent training session featured the 47-kilogram lifter smashing her current world record in the raw squat. On May 8, 2022, Chapon posted a video to her Instagram page wherein she squatted 166 kilograms (366 pounds) raw for a single rep.

If Chapon’s lift had been in a sanctioned meet and received at least two white lights, it would’ve broken her current International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) world record of 153 kilograms (337.3 pounds) by 13 kilograms. Check out the lift can be seen below:

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Chapon wore knee sleeves and a lifting belt while using her usual tight stance with feet shoulder-width apart, her hands next to her shoulders as she held the barbell. After a brief pause as she started ascending with the weight, she finished the lift without any assistance from the spotters. The translation of her post, written in French, acknowledges that the lift may have been a little more intense than she planned.

166 small kilos. Some turbulence on the ascent, but hey, we deal with it.

On Mar. 19, 2022, Chapon competed in the French Federation of Force (FFF) French Athletic Championships in Albi, France, and she squatted 155 kilograms (341.7 pounds). Open Powerlifting recognizes it as the top raw lift in her class on their records page. However, the IPF has the world record listed as her 153-kilogram lift from the 2021 European Classic Powerlifting Championships, on Dec. 3, 2021, in Vasteras, Sweden. At that contest, she bench pressed 93 kilograms (205 pounds) and pulled 162.5 kilograms (358.2 pounds) on the deadlift en route to gold.


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Chapon also wrote in the caption that she is in the final week of her current training block. She is preparing to return to the competition platform at the 2022 IPF World Championships, on May 21-29, 2022 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where she intends to break her squat world record officially.

Chapon’s training squat is the latest feat of strength in a successful prep phase for the French competitor. On Apr. 17, 2022, she tested herself in a training session by doing all three lifts as if she was in a meet. She totaled 435 kilograms on that day. The best lifts are below:

  • Squat — 165 kilograms (363.8 pounds)
  • Bench Press — 100 kilograms (220.5 pounds)
  • Deadlift — 170 kilograms (374.8 pounds)
  • Total — 435 kilograms (959 pounds)

Those lifts are a seven-kilogram improvement from her current world record total of 418 kilograms. When Chapon returns to a competitive platform, the question may not be “if,” but by how much she will break her world records in the squat and total.

Featured image: @turbo_tiff on Instagram